It is no doubt that you almost always have culture shock especially when you move to a completely different culture to yours. Culture shock is usually frustrating and embarrassing so make sure that you are well-prepared to minimize this problem as least as you can. Learn about Japanese culture and survive this weird but wonderful country.


japanese hi-tech toliet

It may sound ridiculous but toilet is the first shock to foreigners if they have never heard about toilets in Japan. The two most common types of toilet both confuse foreigners. Squat toilets are traditional ones, with a shallow trough in the floor to collect the waste instead of a bowl like western- style toilet. There is a half-dome in the end by the wall, you must squat with your feet flat on the ground, facing that half-dome. Flush after you have done your business. Good news is, this kind is being replaced gradually.

However, you can also have annoying experience with the other common type, high-tech toilets. They have complicated functions like dryer, heating, massage, anus washing, automatically lid opening or flushing. You may get confused among these buttons. Many westerners end up wetting themselves trying to flush. Remember that bottom-spray button usually has a picture of a bottom and“おしり”. The bidet button is often pink with a picture of a girl sitting on a toilet and “ビデ”.  There can be buttons indicating the amount of flushed water, “大” is for a large amount and “小” for a small amount. In the worst situation, just do not push any button. Another option is asking a person who can give you the simplest instruction. There’s a lot of time to discover, do basic things first.


japanese bathroom

It is different as well. Most toilets are a separate room from the shower and the bathtub. Shower is usually installed in the bathtub but in this country, it is next to. The reason is that you are not supposed to wash yourself in a bath tub, it is for soaking and relaxing. Clean yourself with soap, rinse off perfectly before getting into the tub. The tub is meant for a whole family to enjoy soaking so do not drain it unless you are the last person to use it.

Public baths and hot springs are popular among Japanese for the comfort and relaxation. The areas for bathing are separated upon genders. Prepare a tower, fold it, put it on your head and soak in, this is an interesting part of Japanese culture.

Working culture

japanese business culture

In Japan, working hard is highly respected. You can find it stressful to work in Japan because it is not unusual for employees to work 60 hours a week. “You look so tired” is considered a compliment.  But don’t worry too much, as a foreigner; you are not pressured to work as much as your Japanese counterparts.

Unlike in individualistic cultures, community sense is so strong here, you are expected to work in harmony and hierarchy. Remember to pay high respect to your superior and get on well with your peers.

Japanese culture basics

When you think of Japan, the first things that come to your mind can be sushi, geisha, tea ceremony, ninja, samurai, anime, sakura (cherry blossom) or its electric industry. Those elements do play important roles in Japanese culture but there are a lot of more things to learn about.

Japanese values

First of all, if you want to know about Japanese culture, it is best to find out their values.

After the Second World War, Japan amazed the world with their rapid recover and development, which is thought reasonably due to their solidarity, conformism and discipline.

Japanese children are taught form the earliest developing process that human fulfillment and achievement come from close association. Early in their lives, they learn that they live in an interdependent society. They start from small to larger groups, family, school, playground, community and company. That’s how Japanese people unite to make strong solidarity. It’s also the reason why in interpersonal relationship, most Japanese avoid open competition and confrontation. In addition, discipline has contributed to Japan’s success. It is not much exaggerating to say that discipline is interwoven with psyche of Japanese citizen.

Those values have a profound effect on Japanese culture which is composed of language, music, cuisine, clothing, customs, folklore, arts, religions and literature.


Japanese cuisine is the combination of both native and foreign cuisine. It is not only about culinary but also about art. Japan is the home of some of the world’s most exquisite ingredients and dishes with best presentation and beauty. It can be said that this cuisine is a kind of ritual, always full of care for design as well as nutrients and taste. Best 10 dishes to try in Japan: sushi, ramen, unagi (river ell), tempura (deep-fried foods), Kaiseki, Soba (long, thick buckwheat noodles), thin slices of beef or pork boiled in water, Okonomiyaki (pancake with other ingridients), onkatsu (breaded and deep-fried pork cutlet), yakitori (charcoal grilled chicken).


Music is an important part of Japanese culture. It has a wide variety ranging from traditional to modern Western music. Traditional music has been used in daily life activities like planting rice, making sake (wine), cutting grass and parties. Modern music namely Western and American music is commonly sung as karaoke, a popular hobby in Japan.



The distinguishing character of Japanese arts is the inner beauty, spirit deep below the picture rather than the exterior. There are 3 main categories of paintings are flower and bird, landscape and people.

Calligraphy (shodo)

Calligraphy is an artistic way of writing Kanji (similar to Chinese) using brush and ink. It is a popular hobby among both children and adults. It is also regarded as an expression of the artists’ souls, thoughts and feelings.

Flower arrangement (Ikebana)

This is a way of arranging flowers so that they will look in a beautiful, simple and natural way. The goal is to find harmony between the vase, flower and branches.

Tea ceremony (sado)

This is a ceremonial way of preparing and enjoying tea which consists of a lot of rituals. Those rituals must be learnt by heart and carried out exactly under instructions.

Origami (paper folding art)

This art is folding paper without using glue or scissors. Crane is the most famous and popular origami in the world. It has become the symbol of hope globally.

Mammals of Japan

In April 1982, I began writing a column for The Japan Times newspaper, it was to be about the natural history, the wildlife, of this fascinating archipelago. I called that column about wild Japan Wild Watch. Twenty-nine years later, I continue to write the column and continue to cover topics relating to natural history and the environment here. My column is, I have been told, the longest published natural history column in any newspaper worldwide. Over the years I have also written articles, papers and books on a wide range of natural history, birding and travel topics relating to Japan and Asia. Japan is a fantastic country in which to watch birds and mammals against a backdrop of some spectacular scenery.

The Japanese archipelago, stretching from Hokkaido in the north to Yonaguni in the southwest, supports astonishing biodiversity. Roughly comparable in size to both the British Isles and New Zealand, and somewhat similarly located in a largely temperate region situated off a major continent, Japan nevertheless supports very much more biodiversity than either Britain or New Zealand. Some species are restricted just to Japan, such as the endemic Japanese Squirrel and the endemic Japanese Serow, others, such as the Eurasian Red Squirrel, range all the way from Britain to Japan.

Red SquirrelRed Squirrel

A wonderful country with a rich and ancient culture, it is also a marvelous place for naturalists. Throughout the year the range of species to look for is quite astonishing, from endemic birds and mammals of the main islands to endemic species of the Nansei Shoto, Izu and Bonin islands, alongside a tremendous diversity of Palaearctic and Oriental species.

Behind the façade of development, outside the bounds of the metropolitan areas, and beyond the supposed homogeneity of the Japanese people there is another wilder Japan. 


Common images of Japan involve shiny cars, the latest electronic goods, and regimented ranks of commuters in business suits. Japan is, after all, an intensely developed country with a population pushing 127 million. The Japanese people’s belief in their homogeneity is an interesting one, not supported by observation, and their reputation as “loving nature” is a surprising one when one travels the length and breadth of an archipelago showing few signs of that “love”. Yet, behind the facade of development, outside the bounds of the metropolitan areas, and beyond the supposed homogeneity there is another wilder Japan.

Siberian Flying SquirrelSiberian Flying Squirrel

Wild Japan is astonishingly diverse, and the reasons, though apparent, are little known amongst those who travel the standard tourist circuit of this ancient country. Another myth is that Japan is a small country. It is, in fact, larger than either Britain or New Zealand, and almost exactly the same size as Germany. But Japan’s most significant feature is that it is not just an island country, but a country of islands. Situated where the Oriental and the Temperate regions meet, Japan is situated on a significant natural history cross-roads.

The northern island of Hokkaido has a sub-Arctic feel, while in the far south, the Nansei Islands lie within the sub-tropical zone. In between, there exists just about every habitat that one could imagine, from coastal wetlands to high alpine meadows. Past lowering of sea levels connected the Japanese Islands to the Asian continent in three places, via Sakhalin, via the Korean Peninsula, and via Taiwan. Blakiston's Fish Owl

Blakiston’s Fish Owl

These land bridges allowed mammals to cross into what later became islands as the sea levels rose again. As a result, some of Japan’s more than 150 mammal species, such as the Asiatic Black Bear and the Badger, are widespread across Asia, while others, such as the Japanese Dormouse, are unique to these islands. 



Swiss & Japanese Military Watches – Your Best Choices!

Military watches should be just like the actual military: tough, adaptable, and extremely dependable. It should be able to withstand the dry, hot, and sandy conditions of the desert, the wetness and humidity of the tropics, the cold dryness of the arctic, and everything in between.

It should be waterproof to hundreds of feet, keep on ticking after being completely covered in mud, and able to withstand the scrapes and hits that go along with the most difficult job in the world.Luminox 3089 large

It’s only function might be to tell you the time or it might also be able to determine your elevation, what kind weather to expect within the next few hours, what the temperature is, what your heartbeat is, or which direction you should be traveling.

But above all else, a military watch should be one piece of equipment you don’t have to worry about.

I’ve reviewed and compiled a list of military timepieces that will help you decide which one is right for you. I’ve looked at a lot of watches, and honestly, most of them don’t cut it. The watches included below are the best of the best.

They meet the above specs but are also affordable and good-looking enough that you won’t be embarrassed to be seen sporting one around town.

How To Find a Military Watch That Meets Your Needs

Wenger LargeThe above table will help you determine the watch that’s right for you. It’s important to think about what you’ll be doing while wearing your watch. Are you a pilot looking for an aviator watch? Then a watch that includes an altimeter and barometer are important. Are you looking for dive watches? Your watch should be waterproof for prolonged periods and be make of non-corrosive materials. Do you spend a lot of time in the outdoors? A compass and weather indicator are invaluable tools. Do you work in law enforcement? Your tactical watch should have a strong band and scratch resistant face.

Essential Components

While required functions can vary, there are a few key components to look for in a watch:

Analog or Digital?

There really is no right answer to this question. Analogue watches are generally considered more “grown-up” than digital but both are very accurate timepieces. In fact, the best military watches are usually a combination of analogue and digital. The timekeeping display might be analogue but the additional features like the barometer or gps are displayed digitally. Battery life tends to be the same for both digital and analogue so that shouldn’t be a major concern. It really comes down topersonal preference

The Band

Watch bands are usually plastic/rubber/synthetic, nylon, metal or leather. All can be good options depending on what you’ll be doing while wearing your watch.

    • Invicta Men's 1517 I Force Collection Chronograph Strap WatchRubber or plastic bands are a really good option. They’re light, durable, flexible, and more affordable than metal or leather bands. They’re obviouslycompletely waterproof which makes them good dive watches since they don’t corrode and dry quickly. They tend to wear faster than other bands and may have to be replaced more often.
    • Nylon bands are comfortable on your wrist, easy to replace, and can be trimmed to reduce any overhang at the end. They’re also extremely durable and a good option when picking out a military watch. They’re quick to dry and are a good fit for dive watches.
    • Metal bands are extremely durable, comfortable, and easy to clean. However, it can be difficult to adjust the size of the band so if you need to wear your watch on the outside of a shirt or jacket that may not be an option. Metal bands that don’t fit exactly right can pinch your wrist or pull out your arm hairs which can be irritating.
    • A leather band would probably be your last choice for a military watch. While leather bands can be very strong and comfortable they also can take a long time to dry if they get wet and can irritate your wrist. Leather is tough to clean and because of the sweat it absorbs they can start to smell pretty funky before too long.


Casio Men's PAG240-8 LargeOver the past 10 years all the best cases have been made out oftitanium. Titanium is renowned for it’s strength, hardness, toughness, lightness and durability. In fact, if you had a titanium case and steel case with the same strength attributes, the titanium case would be half the weight of the steel case. Titanium is also extremely rust and corrosion resistant which makes it an excellent material for dive watches.

Resin watch cases have been gaining in popularity over the past few years. Resin is light and non-corrosive but there have been concerns about it’s durability. Older cases tend to crack after a few years which kills their waterproofing. However, better manufacturing is thought to have significantly improved the quality of resin cases but only time will tell if that is indeed true.

A light case is important if you’re going to be packing a bunch of additional features into a watch. Adding cool things like a compass, altimeter, and barometer won’t seem worth it if you watch isnoticeably heavy on your wrist while rock climbing or swimming. Steel or steel composite cases are a good option if you’re looking for an affordable watch that you don’t expect to do much more than tell time.


The three main watch faces are sapphire crystal, mineral glass, and acrylic.

best military style watch

Luminox Men’s 6402 EVO F-117 Nighthawk with Sapphire Face

    • Sapphire crystal watch faces are the very best. They’re the strongest and extremely scratch resistant but you definitely pay for it. Sapphire crystals are made by crystallizing aluminum oxide at extremely high temps. While sapphire watch faces are the strongest they’re also the least forgiving which makes them susceptible to cracks if you really smash them.
    • Mineral glass watch faces are good quality and are found in a lot ofmoderate and high end watches. While not as hard or scratch resistant as sapphires, they’re close, and getting closer all the time. Improvements in the coating used to harden crystal faces have improved their scratch resistant properties and have reduced glare which is important when you’re in direct sun.
    • Acrylic watch faces are the least expensive but also have some major downsides. They scratch easily and aren’t nearly as rugged as mineral or sapphire. They are extremely cheap though and easy to replace if they get damaged.

Timekeeping Mechanism

Watches can do so much cool stuff these days it can be easy to forget their main purpose is to tell time! The two main methods watches use to keep time are quartz and wind-up.

    • Luminox Evo Navy Seal Blackout Mens Watch 3051.BLACKOUT LargeQuartz timekeepers work by measuring the very predictable vibrations of quartz crystals. The battery in the watch helps keep the quartz vibrating and measures the vibrations to tell time. Very little energy is used to keep the quartz vibrating which means quartz watches can last a very long time with a single battery.
    • Wind-up watches have been used for over 500 hundred years so there must be something to ‘em. They use a combination of gears, springs, and oscillating mass (think very small tuning fork) to keep track of time but you need to make sure they stay wound (using watch winder is an option). A major upside is that they don’t need a battery which means you don’t have to worry about your watch dying when you’re in the back-country.  The downside is that they’re not as accurate as quartz.

The type of watch, band, case type, face, and timekeeping mechanism are the basic features you need to review and consider before deciding which one to buy. The watches included on this site are a mix of different features but they all have one thing in common: dependability. Your watch should be one piece of equipment you don’t have to worry about.

5 Awesome Military Watches for Men

Now that we know what makes a military watch lets take a quick look at 5 awesome models that should be part of any enthusiasts collections.

Casio G-Shock

Casio G-Shock Combination Miltary Watch-Matte Black model number is GA-100-1A1CUThere are probably close to 100 different G-Shock models but they’re all incredibly tough and excellent timekeepers. What makes these watches particularly unique is the lengths Casio has gone to ensure this watch will never break on you. They’re manufactured to withstand a 10 meter drop, are water resistant to 200+ meters, have a 10 year battery life, and more. Not only is this watch nearly indestructible but it’s loaded with awesome features too. You can keep track of every timezone, there are stopwatches, counters, and alarms, and it has a great light that allows you to see the whole face clearly. There’s more of course but those are the big ones.

Luminox Rubber Quartz Black Dial Men's Watch - 0201.BOLuminox Blackout

What makes this watch so unique is the all black construction. The band is black, the face is black, and the dials are black. However, this watch uses Luminox’s patented illumination technology to allow you to see the face and tell the time quickly without having to push any buttons, even if it’s pitch black outside. The small white markers on the face and hands are actually tiny gas filled tubes that will stay lit for decades. This is a great watch to have when wearing gloves when it’s next to impossible to find and push the light button on most watches.

Seiko Seiko SNK805

This watch is short on bells and whistles but that’s actually a good thing. It tells the time and keeps track of the date but that’s about it. Except for one other very important feature. This is an automatic watch which means it doesn’t need batteries. And no, it’s not solar powered. It uses the movement of your wrist while you’re wearing it as a power source. This is an ideal watch for extended trips away from civilization where a dead battery means a dead watch. The sturdy canvass strap is comfortable and won’t chafe your wrist.

SuuntoSuunto Core Computer

This watch is the polar opposite of the Seiko. It’s loaded to the gills with awesome features that you won’t know where to begin. It’s got a barometer, altimeter, gps, thermometer, and more. But what’s really cool is that it takes data readings every 60 seconds which you can download to your PC. You can keep track of all your hiking or running stats to see where you’ve been and how fast you’re moving.

Casio PathfinderCasio Pathfinder

Like the Suunto, this watch is not short on features. It has a thermometer, stopwatch, keeps track of time in up to 48 cities, and more. One feature that a lot of people appreciate is that it’s solar powered. Having all those gadgets in a small watch can be a real drain on the battery so having a way to charge it is a real plus. And, since it’s a Casio you know it’s built to last.

Minor Bathroom Improvement Projects

One of the simplest of life pleasures is having a nice bathroom. This is something most homeowners would surely agree with. This is the one place in our house where we do some of the most personal and intimate daily exercises and routines, and it is only fitting that it is kept as immaculate as possible. With that said, it is logical to consider bathroom improvement projects as part of our major housekeeping priorities.

Easy Diy Minor Bathroom Improvement Projects

Here are two reasons why we deserve, and should strive for, that perfect bathroom.

  • Self-pampering and relaxation- Instead of getting a spa membership and pay considerable amounts of money to get pampered, why not have your very own spa inside your home? This is another smart way to save cash and ensure that we get the most out of our living space. After all, no one can ever underestimate the soothing and healing wonders of a comfortable hour-or two- in the bath tub.
  • Real estate upgrade- For house hunters and real estate agents, bathroom is one of the most important areas in the house. Even the most pristine of domiciles would fail in the real estate market if it is equipped with a dysfunctional, or even mediocre, bathroom. That said, if you wish to improve your house’s score in the real estate arena, one of the most reliable means is to invest on your bathroom. This bit of fact is especially useful to those who are considering toward enlisting their home in the house-for-sale market in the future.

Now that you have been refreshed with regard to the perks of an exquisite bathroom, here are some minor bathroom improvement ideas which can help you get started with your home upgrade.


One of the cheapest ways to improve the overall charm of your bathroom is to incorporate important, albeit minor, aesthetic add-ons. Some of the most recommended accents include stone tiles and ornamental glass. If your bathroom is equipped with wood cabinets, the addition of carved or polished wood inlays can do wonders to these design pieces. These simple alterations are sure to make your bathroom exude a sense of style.


Create the perfect mood for your bathroom by choosing the best lighting products. This entails proper lighting color coordination and positioning. Among many home owners, setting up lighting fixtures in the tub area is quite popular. Also, make sure to prioritize glare and shadow reduction when choosing your lighting implements.

 mini spa

The addition of a new tub or a massaging or rainshower head can easily turn your bathroom into a mini spa. The popularity of online shopping and the intense competition in the cyber market makes it possible for shoppers to enjoy low-cost bathroom products that are still quality-driven, and this is something you must exhaust to your advantage.


A second sink will make your bathroom fancier. Same goes with faucets or cabinet handles made from metal variants or polished nickel. The best part is that these implements need not cost you an arm and a leg, and you can even score them from thrift shops or online sales.

 go green

It is about time that you join the bandwagon of green warriors. There are many ways to carry out this project. For instance, by simply opting for energy-efficient windows, you don’t only get to cut down your electricity bill; you will also get to do your part in the advancement of the green movement. Low-flow showerhead, dual-flush toilet, and low-flow faucets are other noteworthy options.

The aforementioned projects can be done in a fixed time frame or sporadically. For best results, you can consult with an interior design professional. Although working with an expert will require you to make additional investment, it is worth the price especially if you wish for your project to run smoothly and under professional standards. The important thing is that you get started and eventually reap some calming bathroom rewards.

Tips On Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling can be quite an expensive task in these days of expensive goods and services. But, it can be easily made less costly if you can create your own crafty remodeling décor all by yourself with some basic raw materials. Try some of these creative DIY projects while remodeling your house:

Diy Tips While Remodelling Your Home

  • Make your own air freshener gel with the help of essential oil, gelatine and salt. It is a great substitute for the usual air freshener sprays. They are also colourful and nature friendly.
  • T shirt quilt! If you do not want to throw all those faded t shirts from college, sew them up and make your very own colourful t shirt quilt!
  • Research on some easy paper flower making on the internet and use them to decorate your house. Dry flowers do not need much maintenance and care. They are organic and vibrant and really fun and simple to make!
  • Convert those unused chunks of wood into chopping boards or nail them to the walls to make a shelf! Remodelling can be made creative and cheap with the help of some imagination.
  • Organise your tangled cords with the help of Christmas gift paper rolls cut out and put in a box. This will make a private cylindrical room for each cord.
  • One of the best ways to keep your keys organised is to colour it each different with different nail polish colours.
  • Stretch out a band of rubber band on an opened can of paint. When you have to clean your brush off excess paint, swipe the brush on to this band. This will not only help you reduce the paint wastage but also will help you maintain the brush better.
  • Clean your mirrors, glass cabinets etc. with toothpaste and newspaper. It’ll leave them sparkling!
  • Rubbing a walnut on a damaged or scratched piece of furniture will magically erase the furniture off its marks!
  • To get rid of residue in your shower head, tie a bag filled with vinegar around the head and let it stay there overnight. The vinegar acts like magic and clears away the residue in the shower head. This can be also done to any of the bathroom/ kitchen taps.
  • When you have to hammer a nail into the wall, put the nail in place by holding the nail with the help of a clothespin!
  • To save a lot of time of cleaning, when you drill a wall, place a folded post it just under the electric drill, so that it’ll catch all the dust. Dust from wall removal was never so easy!
  • A hanging shoe rack would be a great double up for storing kitchen supplies and organising them!

Always remember to do a bit of research on DIY projects for home before you shell out your money on expensive things! Re-modelling need not be an expensive affair; with the right knowledge and some smart tips, remodelling can be fun, simple and cheap too! A few people might consider financing their renovation using home equity or home loan, along with PPI, so that they can use claim for ppi to repay their credit payments when they fall ill or unable to afford monthly payment due to sudden job loss or disability. Even if you are one among the person looking to opt this then before signing read all the terms and conditions of PPI.

Benefits of Opting for a Hydraulic Wood Splitter

Log splitting is very common among both farmers and regular home owners, since people need to cut logs for a wide array of purposes and uses, such as fireplaces, wood furnaces, and stoves. Moreover, many people choose to sell the logs they have cut and increase their income by doing do. And in today’s economy, with the financial crisis giving everyone a hard time, who could not use some extra money?

The damaged state of the economy is one of the main reasons why you should opt for a hydraulic wood splitter. Nowadays, there are many types of log splitters you can find on the market, produced by numerous manufacturers and available in a wide array of shapes and designs. Opting for a hydraulic one is definitely the best idea, since it comes with numerous benefits.

Besides lower cost, one of the main benefits of hydraulic wood splitters is power. Hardwoods and large logs require a certain amount of force to be able to split them into pieces that are small enough for people to use. Since electric log splitters are designed for softwoods and soft logs, they do not have the ability and the power to deal with hardwoods and large logs. Not only are they smaller in size, but they also lack in the strength department. This is why a hydraulic log splitter is by far the best choice.

Hydraulic models can easily rip through a large hardwood log without the user putting too much effort into it. He will only be in charge of controlling the log splitter. If you are interested in hydraulic models, know that you can opt for either automatic or manual models. Regardless of the model that you choose, you can rest assured that it will still have more power than an electric log splitter.

While prices for hydraulic models vary depending on size and type, they are generally affordable. Another important benefit of the hydraulic wood splitter is that it provides lesser risk to your safety, since the whole model is fully automated and therefore reduces the risk of you suffering physical injuries when handling it. This does not mean that you should not be fully aware of the safety measures that all wood splitters require in general, though.

Higher efficiency and power, being able to use it with other existing equipment you might have, lower cost, and increased safety are therefore the main reasons why opting for a hydraulic wood splitter is a great idea.

Top 3 Tools DIYers Should Be Using

If you’re a DIY enthusiast or even a novice looking to give an asserted effort for a desired home improvement /decor project; then you really should be considering the best and most useful tools. You don’t want to start your home improvement project on the wrong foot and produce a shoddy job.

If it is just a one off project you’re looking to execute then it may be worth your while  just hiring tools/equipment – cutting down the overall costs. But for you keen DIYers out there, religiously doing-it-yourself, then here are few specialist tools you should be considering or already obtain.

Top 3 Tools Keen Diyers Should Be UsingPower drill of your choice

The power drill is arguable the most important and most used tool of all. A good standard power drill will have hundreds of different functions and attachments, making it the most versatile tool out there.

Most projects that you’ll want to get stuck into will require a drill. Power drills and the appropriate connectors will drill holes of  all sizes, through multiple materials and can also act like a chisel – used for all differing types of jobs.

There are many types of power drill to choose from; Hammer, SDS, Cordless, with prices varying from type and weight and tool hiring companies available.

 Trusty nail guns

Nail guns are able to install hardwood moldings without pre-drilling, so prevents splitting. But even better that this  is the fact that nail guns allow you to hold a molding in exactly the right spot with one hand while you instantly nail it in place with the other – even a novice DIYer could use this tool.

Small nail guns called brad nailers allow you to quickly and easily secure thin, fragile moldings without ruining them, which is perfect for home use. That’s a job that otherwise requires the dexterity of a surgeon.

A quality nail gun will have high working precision with high grip nose, an easy, useable setting depth adjustment (tool free), and finally, a protective cap.To operate a nail gun, you might need an air compressor which is portable enough to use everywhere & whenever you want!

 Wallpaper stripper

A lot of the groundwork for home-based DIY, is essentially surrounding the walls – whether it’s stripping them, re-painting or wallpapering. You’ll want fast and easy removal of wallpaper so that it’s hassle free and you can actually crack on the with the bulk of your decorating.

A good wallpaper stripper will make one of the most irritating decorating jobs quite bearable. Once you’ve mastered the stripper you won’t want to revert back to the throw-water-at-the-wall method. In addition, today, you can now buy high speed wallpaper strippers that removes paper extremely at speed, keeping mess to a minimum.

*Photo credited to hubpages.

Safety Tips When Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling your home can be a great way to spend your spare time. Many people love the idea of renovating their homes every now and then, giving it a new and improved look. With all the DIY products you can find in the market, more and more people are taking up the task of renovating their homes themselves as it helps them save money and remodel their house exactly in the way they wish to. While you may undertake the task of remodeling your home by yourself, it is very important that you ensure safety at all times.

 know your tools

First things first – adequate knowledge of tools and other equipment is vital. You must make sure that you are familiar with the operation of power tools. Unless you have the experience of using a particular tool in the past, it is essential to go through the instructions and understand them thoroughly before using it. Before starting your remodelling assignment, make sure that analytical tools are examined before they are used. The body and electrical cords of such tools must be properly checked. Damages or cracks must be looked for in the body and abrasions and cuts must be the main points of focus in the electrical cord. You must replace damaged cables instead of wrapping them in tape as doing so will result in causing problems going forward.

 eye protection

It is not always flattering to use safety equipment. However, these equipment are highly efficient and help in keeping you safe while using cutting equipment such as circular saws or drills. Eye protection must be worn when you work with such tools. By not using eye protection, you will be exposed to the risk of potential injuries to one of the most important organs of your body.

One of the most important things to ensure before starting your remodelling work is to have a map of all the amenities of your home such as gas, electricity and water pipes so that you don’t accidentally cut or drill into them. You must also inform your family members that repairs are going to be carried out. Tell them how and when you will be starting the job, so that they can know which areas of the house are out of bounds. Once you have completed the task, you must clean up properly as people may trip over unused tools or materials if you leave the place dirty.

 keeping the kids safe

Whenever a home is due for renovations, the safety of the kids is among the most important things for parents to look after. Toddlers are known to get themselves into unnecessary trouble so it is vital to keep them under supervision at all times. Make sure that they don’t go anywhere near the tools. It would be great if you can keep them away from the property itself, as this will ensure that they are nowhere close to any harm.

Basic DIY Home Repair Tips

Basic DIY Home Repair TipsMany will say that their home is their greatest asset so it is only natural to want to take care of them. The tricky part, however, is that living in a homes guarantees a certain amount of wear and tear. If you feel like there is always something new to fix or replace then you are certainly not alone. And if you’ve made the mistake of leaving a job off for too long and allowing it to grow into a major problem it is common to assume you have to call in a professional to clean up the mess and fix things. That is definitely not the case.

Although many of these jobs are not particularly fun to undertake, they don’t usually require professional help. They can be doable and in some cases even quite simple if you have that right tools and some simple instruction. If you have the need for some home repair but don’t have the budget to hire professional help, then keep in mind a handful of these suggestions for common home repair problems.

 dents & scuffs on walls

If you have kids in the home then these are as certain as death and taxes. And even if you don’t there is always the occasional bump and bruise caused when moving furniture or any number of potential accidents. Fortunately, scuffs can be easily removed with a half and half solution of white vinegar and water—just rub the solution on softly with the abrasive side of a sponge. Small holes can be fixed by smearing white toothpaste to cover the opening and making it flush with the surface and then touching it up with paint that matches the wall color. Larger holes can be patched up simply with a number of affordable supplies that can be found at the nearest hardware store.

 stains on tubs & sinks

Getting rid of tub and sinks stains is probably one of the simplest DIY fixes but it does require some good old fashioned effort. It will help to get a specialty cleaning powder, such as Comet or Zud, and adding it to the dry surface before scrubbing vigorously with a moistened abrasive sponge.

 stuck dressers drawers

It’s common for old dresser drawers to get stuck or haulty in their movement but that’s no reason to feel the need to replace them. If the drawers are wooden and aren’t on metal tracks the simply rub the flat side of an unscented candle onto the bottom corners at the base of each drawer. If the drawers are on metal tracks then just use some WD-40 on the track to help them slide smoothly.

 poor water pressure

If you aren’t getting quality water pressure from a showerhead then it is likely blocked with din or mineral deposits. The problem can be fixed easily without having to replace equipment. Just simply wrap masking or adhesive tape around the showerhead at the spot where it connects to the pipe and then use pliers or wrench to unscrew the showerhead. Use a hairpin or similar tool to clean out any debris. In the case of a buildup of mineral or lime deposit then soak the showerhead in vinegar for 24 hours before scraping away the loose deposits.

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to keep your house in good repair, especially if you are doing it yourself. The beauty if a do it yourself mentality is that you rarely have to call a handyman or anybody else. You are self sufficient as well as better off financially. This kind of maintenance can also help your home insurance rates. Before you start your projects around your home, get a quote. After you are done, get another and compare house insurance. You might be surprised.