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An Insight Into Home Solar Panels


The trend of powering homes with solar energy is taking off and as it grows, people grow more interested in what solar panels are exactly and how they work. Some might even be wondering why solar panels are becoming so popular in the first place; this is because of the increasing concerns regarding climate change and the adverse effects of energy generated using fossil fuel. The following with discuss some of the basics of a solar panel.

What Are Solar Panels?

A solar panel consists of photovoltaic cells, also known simply as solar cells, which are assembled together. These cells are connected together to create part of a larger photovoltaic system that generates electricity. The size and number of solar panels required to power a home will vary according to the efficacy of the panel being uses, as well at the needs of the residents. A photovoltaic cell is an electronic device that has the ability to convert sunrays into electricity, without the help of an external source. They are able to do so through the photovoltaic effect.

What Is The Photovoltaic Effect?

The discovery of the photovoltaic effect goes as far back as 1839, when a French physicist by the name of A. E. Becquerel came across it in an experiment. However, it took a while for it to be developed into the sophisticated home solar panels that are used today. The photovoltaic effect leads to the creation of an electric current, or voltage, in a certain material when it is exposed to light. By using photons (light energy), the photovoltaic effect enables solar cells to generate electricity. Although it is sometimes confused with the photoelectric effect, it is a different process.

Effectiveness Of Home Solar Panels

Most people have questions regarding the efficiency of home solar panels.The efficacy of a residential solar panel depends on a number of factors, such as:

  • What types of appliances you use around the home. Using solar power will encourage you to make the switch from inefficient appliances to energy efficient ones, in fact.
  • Whether the temperature in your home can be naturally regulated or not. It makes good economic sense to weatherize your home.
  • Where you place the solar panels. As the southern face of your home receives the most sunlight, this is the ideal placement of a solar panel. It is important that the solar panel gets unhindered exposure to light, for it to be truly effective.
  • How much sun you get in your area, in the first place. You might want to take a look at the NASA ‘Surface Meteorology and Solar Energy’ website for further insight on this.

Given that a sufficient number of them are used, in the correct manner, there is no reason whyhome solar panels MA cannot be made a viable, energy efficient option for everyone. The initial cost of a residential solar power system can be hefty, but the long-term payoff is well worth it. With the right amount of research, you can maximize the benefits of green energy option.

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