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How To Locate & Destroy The Terrible Smell Inside Your Basement


There is nothing worse than your home smelling like the inside of a trash can. It’s even worse when the smell is coming from the basement because it’s very hard for it to escape and you soon can’t breathe when you walk in. We’re going to look at how you can get rid of those smells for good because once they are gone you won’t be afraid to walk downstairs.

Identify the source

If there is a terrible smell inside your basement the first thing you must do is put your detective hat on because you need to find it. Don’t you dare try to mask the smell because it’s only going to make it a hundred times worse. It’s hopefully coming from a box of junk or a dead rat, but it could also be something more serious like a damp patch.

Remove compromised objects

There might be a carpet on your basement floor. You might even keep a couch down there. They are both made of fabric that will attract bad smells and there is no way you will be able to use them in your home again unless you air them out. Take them upstairs and leave them in the garden if it’s not raining. The fresh air should hopefully make them smell great again, but if they are too far gone you will need to throw them out.

Give the place a good scrub

I doubt you spend a lot of time in your basement so it’s probably not had a good scrub for years. Maybe you’ve forgot that it’s still a big part of your home. It might be time to grab your waterproof elbow-length gloves and get down on your hands and knees. Make sure you use warm soapy water and you will scare the bad smells away. From now on you should think about giving your basement a good clean on a semi-regular basis.

Let some air inside

Open the windows and let as much fresh air get in as possible. If it’s nice outside you can leave the windows open for a long time, but make sure you close them when you’re not at home because you don’t want anyone getting in. If you don’t have any windows in your basement you can leave the door open. Leave your front door open too and the bad smells will not linger around inside your home.

Long-term ventilation solution

You can open the windows on a regular basis, but sooner or later you might decide to hook the basement up to your ventilation system. If you eventually convert your basement into a room you will need to do it anyway, so you should get it out of the way now. If it’s a condensation problem that is causing the terrible smells you could buy a dehumidifier. It will suck the water out of the air and keep everything nice and dry.

Create a great smell

Now that you’ve taken care of the bad smell it’s now possible to add a nice one of your own. You could use anything you want in order to create the nice smell. If you spend a lot of time in the basement you could keep some flowers in a vase. If you don’t spend any time in there you could hang up a few air fresheners you would use in your car. You should be able to walk into the basement to grab something without having to hold your breath.

Don’t let it happen again

If you have followed the advice it’s unlikely it will get so bad again, but at least you now know how to deal with it. Let us know what was causing your terrible smell because it will help people locate theirs quicker in the future.

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