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How To Save Space By Organizing Your Kitchen Tools


Kitchen is an important part of the house. It is where people fix their food, where you keep your food, and where the family spends time together. Unfortunately, most kitchens are tiny. Most people do not focus on the size of their kitchen, just as long as they have enough space for all the equipment needed. If you need extra space for storage and equipments, here are some tips you can do to maximize the space:

First, you need to install cabinets that are deep. Shallow cabinets are a big waste of space. You need to make sure that the cabinets placed will be able to accommodate for more things to be able to save the space. You can use some with racks of different shapes and purposes. If you install the cabinet, you can store the things you need inside and used it as a décor as well. Just make sure you are aware of where you place the items, so that there will not be any confusion whatsoever.

Second, when you buy the appliances, be sure to buy ones that are space-saving. Do not go for large ones if the room can’t accommodate the size. If your old appliances will not complement the size allotted for them in your new kitchen, you should try selling them and purchasing new ones that will fit.

Third, go big when you need to. For instance, it is a lot advisable to get a large sink. This is because it is easier to wash big pots and pans in a sink big enough to fit them. Otherwise, you will be having trouble washing the dishes; you might even need to take it outside.


Fourth, use a self-standing service island. It helps give a convenient place when you are preparing the food. Apart from the sink and counter area, this is a lot better. This is the best place to chop and slice fruits and vegetables. If you installed a large sink, this is an actual necessity. You can place the sink, refrigerator, and the stove should be placed in a triangle form.

Lastly, install some hangers. Hangers maximize space that pots and pans consume. You can place on over the stove. The back of the cabinets are another place to hang utensils. It will help clear some storage area for other things you can place in the kitchen. The utensils and cooking materials you need should be within reach, so always place the hangers somewhere accessible.

Formulate a plan before going on to design your kitchen. Keep these tips in mind so that you can have a more spacious kitchen despite a small space. Remember that there are three functions a kitchen should be able to perform. It should have adequate room storage, food preparation area, and cleaning area. Even if you have a small kitchen, you need to make sure that it is able to do all. The best tip, however, is to always keep things clean.

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