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Minor Bathroom Improvement Projects


One of the simplest of life pleasures is having a nice bathroom. This is something most homeowners would surely agree with. This is the one place in our house where we do some of the most personal and intimate daily exercises and routines, and it is only fitting that it is kept as immaculate as possible. With that said, it is logical to consider bathroom improvement projects as part of our major housekeeping priorities.

Easy Diy Minor Bathroom Improvement Projects

Here are two reasons why we deserve, and should strive for, that perfect bathroom.

  • Self-pampering and relaxation- Instead of getting a spa membership and pay considerable amounts of money to get pampered, why not have your very own spa inside your home? This is another smart way to save cash and ensure that we get the most out of our living space. After all, no one can ever underestimate the soothing and healing wonders of a comfortable hour-or two- in the bath tub.
  • Real estate upgrade- For house hunters and real estate agents, bathroom is one of the most important areas in the house. Even the most pristine of domiciles would fail in the real estate market if it is equipped with a dysfunctional, or even mediocre, bathroom. That said, if you wish to improve your house’s score in the real estate arena, one of the most reliable means is to invest on your bathroom. This bit of fact is especially useful to those who are considering toward enlisting their home in the house-for-sale market in the future.

Now that you have been refreshed with regard to the perks of an exquisite bathroom, here are some minor bathroom improvement ideas which can help you get started with your home upgrade.


One of the cheapest ways to improve the overall charm of your bathroom is to incorporate important, albeit minor, aesthetic add-ons. Some of the most recommended accents include stone tiles and ornamental glass. If your bathroom is equipped with wood cabinets, the addition of carved or polished wood inlays can do wonders to these design pieces. These simple alterations are sure to make your bathroom exude a sense of style.


Create the perfect mood for your bathroom by choosing the best lighting products. This entails proper lighting color coordination and positioning. Among many home owners, setting up lighting fixtures in the tub area is quite popular. Also, make sure to prioritize glare and shadow reduction when choosing your lighting implements.

 mini spa

The addition of a new tub or a massaging or rainshower head can easily turn your bathroom into a mini spa. The popularity of online shopping and the intense competition in the cyber market makes it possible for shoppers to enjoy low-cost bathroom products that are still quality-driven, and this is something you must exhaust to your advantage.


A second sink will make your bathroom fancier. Same goes with faucets or cabinet handles made from metal variants or polished nickel. The best part is that these implements need not cost you an arm and a leg, and you can even score them from thrift shops or online sales.

 go green

It is about time that you join the bandwagon of green warriors. There are many ways to carry out this project. For instance, by simply opting for energy-efficient windows, you don’t only get to cut down your electricity bill; you will also get to do your part in the advancement of the green movement. Low-flow showerhead, dual-flush toilet, and low-flow faucets are other noteworthy options.

The aforementioned projects can be done in a fixed time frame or sporadically. For best results, you can consult with an interior design professional. Although working with an expert will require you to make additional investment, it is worth the price especially if you wish for your project to run smoothly and under professional standards. The important thing is that you get started and eventually reap some calming bathroom rewards.

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