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Pure Linen – 7 Benefits You Get In Choosing Natural Sheets


When choosing bed sheets, oftentimes people consider design, price and comfort first. These are the most common considerations people look into when shopping for fabrics used for their home. There are however many more factors you should look into. With the many choices available in the market it’s important to be in the know of what you get out of the different types.

Many say linen is the best choice when it comes to choosing bed sheets. But do you know why this is so? In picking the natural alternative, these are the benefits you can experience:

Extremely Durable

Linen is said to be 30% stronger than cotton. Due to its durability linen can last for decades. When used properly and given proper maintenance, it won’t shrink or stretch. It can also keep its shape due to its fibre which is structurally sound. Unlike cotton, it also doesn’t turn yellow with time. In fact it becomes whiter with use and becomes softer with age. Linen is also stain and scratch proof.

Thermo – regulating

When it’s hot it can keep you cool, when it’s cold it can keep you warm – pure linen sheets can give these to you. Since linen is a breathable fabric it has a high heat conductivity and air penetrability.


Linen is naturally antibacterial. It’s resilient to fungi and bacteria and is not known to cause allergies. This is a good option for children whose skin are still delicate and for people with allergies and people with sensitive skin. Pure linen also has a natural pH balance which contributes to protecting the skin and help smoothens and softens it.

Anti – static

Linen being an anti-static material can reduce or limit the static electricity build-up on the fabric. This results to the fabric not wrinkling and not clinging to the body. It also contributes to the fabric being cleaner for a longer period of time.


When extra moisture is absorbed this gives you a comfortable and cool fabric. This is what happens to linens. They have a great capability to absorb moisture. As a result, using linen gives you utmost comfort that can provide a very favourable and pleasant feeling.

Promotes relaxation

Linen also promotes relaxation and even contributes to a deep and relaxing sleep. This is a result of the massaging effect produced through the microscopic breaks found all throughout the fabric.

Environment friendly

With many consumers being conscious about their carbon consumption, buying and using pure linen will lessen this trouble. Linens are environment-friendly since they are made from natural fibres found in plants. In using the flax seed nothing is also wasted. The other parts not used in the production in linen can still be used for other purposes. It is also a renewable resource that is fully biodegradable.

Aside from the upfront cost and the initial look and feel a fabric provides, you should also look at other factors to help you choose the right fabric for your home. In choosing linen and picking the natural alternative you get a lot more benefits that are long-term. In going natural, you get a highly durable material that gives you maximum comfort and functionality. All these while getting the value for your money and positively contributing to the environment.

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