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Tips On Decorating A Small House


At least once in our lives we all need to move in a small space and this article teaches you to make the most out of what you have. The right décor can lead to a trendy and perfectly peaceful home no matter what the size is. Big houses do seem appealing but they are high maintenance, on the other hand small houses seem crowded but they are cosy and all negative feelings can easily be eliminated by thoughtful decor.

Nobody wants a cluttered house; it is probably the most stressful thing for interiors and can completely take away the tranquillity of your home. Setting and décor need to be done after considering the amount of space you have because adding too many items or items too close to each other in a small setting will lead to disorder. Here are some tips to follow before moving in to a small house:


A small space can be made to appear larger by creating an illusion using colours. One trick is to use the same colour throughout the house. This may sound quiet boring but since you don’t have much space in the house it will honestly look great and feel very inviting. To add variation different shades can be used which will also add beauty along with variety. Different shades can be introduced in a single room by painting walls in a certain colour but adding wall art such as large canvas prints in a darker shade of the same colour. Shades can also be changed for rugs or bed linen etc.

Dark colours make rooms look smaller while light colours make rooms look bigger thus focus on décor using light colours such as white, cream, sky blue or baby pink etc. and avoid too many darker shades even when adding variety. Wall colours are most important for home decorating and over all home location purposes.


Increased amounts of illumination will add grace and space to a small house thus go for items that will add light. Chandelier but in a very small size of course and a number of lamps will serve as beautiful sources of light at night. For bright sunlight keep curtains open and purchase them in a light shade and fabrics to allow light to fall through. Even putting up sunny pictures such as printing photos on canvas from a sunlit day can add to the trick.


Heavy furniture must be avoided at all cost but large furniture can be introduced but minimally, such as a single three seat sofa. Small furniture will easily fit in but that doesn’t mean to crowd the space up with it, limited items should be kept. Each item must be full or storage space such as a bed with drawers or a hollow coffee table with cabinets etc.

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