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Tips On Remodeling Your Home


Remodeling can be quite an expensive task in these days of expensive goods and services. But, it can be easily made less costly if you can create your own crafty remodeling décor all by yourself with some basic raw materials. Try some of these creative DIY projects while remodeling your house:

Diy Tips While Remodelling Your Home

  • Make your own air freshener gel with the help of essential oil, gelatine and salt. It is a great substitute for the usual air freshener sprays. They are also colourful and nature friendly.
  • T shirt quilt! If you do not want to throw all those faded t shirts from college, sew them up and make your very own colourful t shirt quilt!
  • Research on some easy paper flower making on the internet and use them to decorate your house. Dry flowers do not need much maintenance and care. They are organic and vibrant and really fun and simple to make!
  • Convert those unused chunks of wood into chopping boards or nail them to the walls to make a shelf! Remodelling can be made creative and cheap with the help of some imagination.
  • Organise your tangled cords with the help of Christmas gift paper rolls cut out and put in a box. This will make a private cylindrical room for each cord.
  • One of the best ways to keep your keys organised is to colour it each different with different nail polish colours.
  • Stretch out a band of rubber band on an opened can of paint. When you have to clean your brush off excess paint, swipe the brush on to this band. This will not only help you reduce the paint wastage but also will help you maintain the brush better.
  • Clean your mirrors, glass cabinets etc. with toothpaste and newspaper. It’ll leave them sparkling!
  • Rubbing a walnut on a damaged or scratched piece of furniture will magically erase the furniture off its marks!
  • To get rid of residue in your shower head, tie a bag filled with vinegar around the head and let it stay there overnight. The vinegar acts like magic and clears away the residue in the shower head. This can be also done to any of the bathroom/ kitchen taps.
  • When you have to hammer a nail into the wall, put the nail in place by holding the nail with the help of a clothespin!
  • To save a lot of time of cleaning, when you drill a wall, place a folded post it just under the electric drill, so that it’ll catch all the dust. Dust from wall removal was never so easy!
  • A hanging shoe rack would be a great double up for storing kitchen supplies and organising them!

Always remember to do a bit of research on DIY projects for home before you shell out your money on expensive things! Re-modelling need not be an expensive affair; with the right knowledge and some smart tips, remodelling can be fun, simple and cheap too! A few people might consider financing their renovation using home equity or home loan, along with PPI, so that they can use claim for ppi to repay their credit payments when they fall ill or unable to afford monthly payment due to sudden job loss or disability. Even if you are one among the person looking to opt this then before signing read all the terms and conditions of PPI.

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