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Top 3 Tools DIYers Should Be Using

If you’re a DIY enthusiast or even a novice looking to give an asserted effort for a desired home improvement /decor project; then you really should be considering the best and most useful tools. You don’t want to start your home improvement project on the wrong foot and produce a shoddy job.

If it is just a one off project you’re looking to execute then it may be worth your while  just hiring tools/equipment – cutting down the overall costs. But for you keen DIYers out there, religiously doing-it-yourself, then here are few specialist tools you should be considering or already obtain.

Top 3 Tools Keen Diyers Should Be UsingPower drill of your choice

The power drill is arguable the most important and most used tool of all. A good standard power drill will have hundreds of different functions and attachments, making it the most versatile tool out there.

Most projects that you’ll want to get stuck into will require a drill. Power drills and the appropriate connectors will drill holes of  all sizes, through multiple materials and can also act like a chisel – used for all differing types of jobs.

There are many types of power drill to choose from; Hammer, SDS, Cordless, with prices varying from type and weight and tool hiring companies available.

 Trusty nail guns

Nail guns are able to install hardwood moldings without pre-drilling, so prevents splitting. But even better that this  is the fact that nail guns allow you to hold a molding in exactly the right spot with one hand while you instantly nail it in place with the other – even a novice DIYer could use this tool.

Small nail guns called brad nailers allow you to quickly and easily secure thin, fragile moldings without ruining them, which is perfect for home use. That’s a job that otherwise requires the dexterity of a surgeon.

A quality nail gun will have high working precision with high grip nose, an easy, useable setting depth adjustment (tool free), and finally, a protective cap.To operate a nail gun, you might need an air compressor which is portable enough to use everywhere & whenever you want!

 Wallpaper stripper

A lot of the groundwork for home-based DIY, is essentially surrounding the walls – whether it’s stripping them, re-painting or wallpapering. You’ll want fast and easy removal of wallpaper so that it’s hassle free and you can actually crack on the with the bulk of your decorating.

A good wallpaper stripper will make one of the most irritating decorating jobs quite bearable. Once you’ve mastered the stripper you won’t want to revert back to the throw-water-at-the-wall method. In addition, today, you can now buy high speed wallpaper strippers that removes paper extremely at speed, keeping mess to a minimum.

*Photo credited to hubpages.

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