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Month: July 2016


japanese business culture

It is no doubt that you almost always have culture shock especially when you move to a completely different culture to yours. Culture shock is usually frustrating and embarrassing so make sure that you are well-prepared to minimize this problem as least as you can. Learn about Japanese culture and survive this weird but wonderful […]

Japanese culture basics


When you think of Japan, the first things that come to your mind can be sushi, geisha, tea ceremony, ninja, samurai, anime, sakura (cherry blossom) or its electric industry. Those elements do play important roles in Japanese culture but there are a lot of more things to learn about. Japanese values First of all, if […]

Mammals of Japan


In April 1982, I began writing a column for The Japan Times newspaper, it was to be about the natural history, the wildlife, of this fascinating archipelago. I called that column about wild Japan Wild Watch. Twenty-nine years later, I continue to write the column and continue to cover topics relating to natural history and the environment […]

Swiss & Japanese Military Watches – Your Best Choices!


Military watches should be just like the actual military: tough, adaptable, and extremely dependable. It should be able to withstand the dry, hot, and sandy conditions of the desert, the wetness and humidity of the tropics, the cold dryness of the arctic, and everything in between. It should be waterproof to hundreds of feet, keep on […]